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Content Review

Atomic Indy Review is a creator controlled promotional platform. Our goal is to give self produced and unpublished authors and creators the ability to promote to a wider audience.



  • There are two categories

    • Independent films under 30 Minutes. ​

    • Independent films over 30 Minutes.

  • All submissions must be fully edited and ready for distribution.

  • All Submissions must be works of fiction.

  • Documentaries are on a case by case bases. Please contact us before submitting.

  • All Genres are accepted.

  • Please provide all of the productions social media tags in the description so we can promote it.

  • Once the submissions form is sent Atomic Heat Media LLC will contact you via email- within 48 hours with a art release and a waiver.

  • Art release and waiver must be signed before Atomic Heat Media LLC can publish material.

Comics/ Manga/ Graphic Novels

  • Comics-

    • Must be completely colored, lettered and published or soon to be released.​

    • No works in progresses.

    • You must submit the first Issue.

    •  Any genre.

  • Manga/ Graphic Novels

    • Must be completely colored, lettered and published or soon to be released.​

    • No works in progresses.

    • Minimum submission, first 3 chapters.

  • Novels/ Novella

    • Must be fully edited and completed.​

    • Must be ready to purchase.

    • Minimum first 3 chapters.

Reserve a Review!
Is your content publihed? (phyical media)
What will we be reviewing?

“Atomic Indy Review” is a program created by Atomic Heat Media LLC.


By checking this box, I understand the rights stated below-

  • Atomic Heat Media LLC & “Atomic Indy Review” is a content review and promotional platform. It will not be a guaranteed success of any project.

  • The fee is to guarantee a review slot. All slots are first come first serve.

  • The video will contain information about your product and encourage viewers to experience it for themselves.

  • WE WILL NOT RECOMMEND OR DISWADE viewers. Our goal is platforming and promotion.

  • Reviews will include personal opinions from individuals with years of experience in the independent art industry. Opinions are from an independent review and do not reflect the views of Atomic Heat Media LLC as a whole.

  • Fees are non-refundable at any time.

  • YOU OWN YOUR CONTENT- “Atomic Indy Review” will only use media you submit through our submission process for promotional material only. Any extra content sent after will be ignored. Please include all relevant documents at time of submission.

  • Once a video is posted the review video will be archived, and all the digital content sent to “Atomic Indy Review” will be deleted.


Atomic Heat Media LLC has the right to refuse service to anyone- While “Atomic Indy Review” is dedicated to platforming content creators and their independently produced work; Atomic Heat Media will not support hate speech, calls for violence, acts of aggression including destruction of property and violence against humans or animals. All works submitted must be based in fiction.

Upload File

Thank you for the submission. We will contact you within the next few hours with a timeslot.

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