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Catch up on foreign events that directly and indirectly effect your life. Find out why things are the way they are with this monthly look into the world outside America and why it should make you angry.

Hosted by Matthew Johnson- These in-depth info dumps give much-needed context, history, and timelines of events that are currently happening.

Learn about the local theater arts and what is going on. Find out about local shows, listen to professionals talk shop, or learn what it's like running a show. We are a great way to get a peek into the world of Theater Arts.

Each episode will talk to a number of individuals about how they help on a stage production and what shows are being performed around the sound. Watch it on vimeo

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Dedicated to highlighting people who actively are working to make our communities a better place. Social services, local charities or civil betterment projects are highlighted bi-weekly. 

Find out if someone around you needs resources or volunteers. see what they do and learn more about the needs of your community. We all could use a little help.

Early 2023

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