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Who reviews your work?

Every submission will be reviewed by a fellow creator. These reviews will not in any way reflect the quality of your work. Our goal at "Atomic Indy Review" is to platform YOUR hard work and assist in expanding YOUR audience does not critique and criticize. 

Each review will be an overall explanation of the key components that make your story compelling to potential consumers. We are not going to discuss plot details, character stories or anything that might be a potential spoiler. We want the three- minutes review to encourage and drive potential fans to your story. 

A portion of your submission fee is specifically to pay the reviewers to reserve time out of their day to provide 100% attention to your creative work.

The rest of the funds goes to producing the videos for social media. Including filming the review, editing for specific platforms and publishing in a timely and efficient manner.



Erica McAdams is an artist, actor and entrepreneur who loves word games, tea, and cats. She studied Liberal Arts in college, taking special interest in Creative Writing, painting and Spanish; all lucrative choices. Erica grew up reading mostly the fantasy genre, but branched out into biographies, other fiction and non-fiction thanks to joining a book club, has a knack for spelling and editing, and still believes in the Oxford comma.

Film & Music

Janejira Damron is a Queer Thai-American filmmaker, author, and comic artist from the Pacific Northwest. They graduated from the Seattle Film Institute in 2019 and have been passionate about making their own films for as long as they can remember




Anran Lin is a Chineses American working in the US assisting in the creation of the American Kintsugi Project. As the lead Illustrator of Atomic Heat Media, she is the back bone of the company.


She will only be reviewing animations. 


Comics/Film/Graphic Novels/Music

Matt Johnson is the writer and CEO of Atomic Heat Media LLC. When he's not writing or producing he is helping other artists achieve their goals or helping local business promote on social media. 

Matts goal with Indy Review is to help platform other creaters struggling with marketing goals due to lack of access to funding or supporters.

You shouldn't spend you entire day making tiktoks to promote. 

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