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Starring Atomic Heat's CEO Matt Johnson, "WebRage" is an infodump focusing on a single under-reported topic each episode. 

We navigate the web of foreign geo politics as well as highlight

the overlooked notable events happening around the country and  

why it directly or indirectly affects your life.

Our goal at "WebRage" is to focus on context, and evidence while citing many reliable journalistic sources. We remove the political spin.

This Monthly show will be aired on all our social media platforms and Vimeo as well as our website. 

Our first episode will be free to view on May 30th on all of our social media platforms, websites and Vimeo.


Note from our Creative Director: 

We produced a couple of episodes of the show prior to the 2020 lockdown and our creative team made the decision to keep the episodes and post them to our youtube channel. The new episodes however are completely overhauled with one continuous host and an entirely different studio space.   

Episode List

Season One:

Ep 1: Payment Protection Plan Investigation

We will investigate the PPP program and ask a few simple questions like "where did the money go, how did it get distributed and was it successful"? 

Ep 2: Sports Gambling

Recently the Supreme court revoked "The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act". We want to know what it was, why its worth knowing and how it will impact sports in America

Ep 3: Iraq and Afghanistan update

After fighting a twenty year war and a bumbled exit, We will look back on the forever wars and check in on Iraq and Afghanistan today.

Ep 4: The Ukraine conflict: How America IS involved

With the war in Ukraine entering its third month we will take this opportunity to bring context to the already confusing situation while explaining why and how America in involved. From arms sales to volunteers we talk about what America has to gain or lose from this European Conflict.

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